Making Impactful Promotional Signage

Custom signs play a crucial role in a business’s corporate look and image. By implementing a consistent image, a business can establish a recognizable entity that consumers can relate to. The corporate look promotes the business’s values and helps consumers perceive it as a company. Custom signs can influence the consumer’s perception of a business and its products. Listed below are some of the most important benefits of custom signs.

Design Your Own Signs –¬†While many sign printing companies have their own designers, it is also possible to hire a professional designer to come up with an attractive design for your custom signs. However, it is possible to save money on design fees by doing your own design or hiring a professional designer. Half Price Banners, for example, offers free design services for the signs you order. Moreover, half-price banners have consultants to help you with the design of your signs, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Materials – Material quality and longevity of a sign are important considerations. Consider the environment, climate, and location when choosing a material for your sign. Materials also add to the overall appearance of the sign. Choose a durable material that is suitable for the location and the type of signage you need. Once you’ve decided on a material for your signs, make sure it’s compatible with the business’s image and branding. If the sign is not weather-proof, it will not look good if it’s exposed to a lot of rain or extreme heat.

Colors: The color of the sign’s letters has a great impact on its overall look. Choose colors that will reflect the most light and not make it feel overly busy. Colors can be either bright or dull. Keep in mind that different shades will reflect different amounts of light, so choose colors accordingly. If you’re unsure about colors, you can consult a designer for help. And remember that the color of your sign can affect the price.

Locations – Consider where your signage will be displayed. In high-traffic areas, signs work best. Entrances, bathrooms, and hallways are great places to place signs. Some signs are removable, while others may be placed on tables, hanging frames, or windows. In smaller spaces, double-sided signs can save space. A professional layout will attract the attention of a potential customer, ensuring that your message is clearly understood. If you’re planning a large event, consider investing in custom signs for every event.

Wording is key. If you’re trying to convey a specific message, simple words like “you” and “yours” will help your potential customers imagine using your product or service. A sign with the proper words can communicate a great deal in a short amount of space. But it should be easy to understand. You should pay close attention to the words that you choose to convey a message. You can even make the sign as simple as possible by making it short or using a series of signs instead of a single sign.