Car Detailing – Cleaning and Care

If you are thinking about having your car cleaned and polished in Palm Harbor, FL, you need to find a reputable car detailing company near you. Palm Harbor is one of the most beautiful places in Florida and there are many companies in the area that offer deep and comprehensive car detailing services at affordable prices. You can learn more about your options by visiting the Palm Harbor car detailing website.

Auto detailing is a non-destructive activity that maintains the car’s excellent appearance, especially in terms of exterior, interior, and cosmetic. As opposed to mechanical car cleaning, this is done by removing all visible and invisible pollutants from the interior, and gently polishing the car to its pristine shine. The goal of the car detailing process is to create a clean, streak-free and gleaming exterior. This is also the perfect way to bring your vehicle back to “like-new” condition inside and out.

The first step to the successful completion of an interior detailing process is to prepare the vehicle for cleaning. This includes removing all items from the interior such as fuel, oil, water and brake fluids, and cleaning the cabin using an approved cleaner. This preparation stage ensures that dust and other contaminants will not be present when polishing your car. The interior detailing process also provides a way to remove any debris that may have been inadvertently left behind when cleaning.

Once the interior is ready to be cleaned, the car detailing process begins. This step involves washing and waxing the cabin and applying a clear wax to the exterior. The interior detailing specialist will then utilize a power sprayer to complete the surface cleaning and to ensure that all dirt and contamination has been removed. Once the car wash is complete, the detailing specialist will apply one of several types of detailing clay or detailing fluid to the car wash in order to help restore the shine and gloss to the paint. This fluid is generally a borate-based shine and should be applied one inch from the top to reduce the need for touch ups.

Step three of car detailing involves washing and waxing the wheels. The interior detailing specialist will begin the process by washing the wheels with an accepted detailing solution. The wheels are then wet-sanded to remove debris and to prepare them for washing and waxing. The wet-sanded wheels are then air-dried to help remove any moisture before they are coated with wax. Typically, detailing experts will use a high-pressure sprayer to complete this step.

The fourth and final step in the car detailing process is the application of a clear sealant to the entire vehicle. After applying the sealant, your car will be left to dry overnight. The sealant will protect your vehicle from future dirt, debris, dust, and will make it much easier to clean in the future. This is the final step in the detailing process and it is typically quite labor intensive. If you feel the need to add any extra steps to your vehicle’s cleaning and care, a reputable auto detailing service should be able to assist.